Quality Diamonds in the Niagara Region

We are the diamond experts! No matter what size or quality of diamond you are looking for we are able to source it for you. We proudly sell conflict free diamonds in all our jewellery. We sell large diamonds that have been graded by reputable industry labs such as GIA and AGS. Let our knowledge and expertise help you choose the perfect diamond.

Mined Diamonds

Mined diamonds occur naturally and are mined from conflict-free areas. There are several traditional ways of evaluating a diamond to determine its quality and price.

Choosing the Right Diamond

When it comes to choosing the best diamond within your budget, there are several factors you should consider. These factors are often called the four “C”s – cut, colour, carat weight, and clarity.



A diamond’s sparkle is one of the first things that catch our eyes. For the most sparkling diamond within your budget, consider a diamond’s cut grade first and foremost in your design choice. Cut grade refers to the way a diamond is cut and its overall proportions. If a diamond is too shallow, the light will escape out of the bottom; a diamond too deep will have light coming out of the side. A high-quality cut grade allows a diamond to show off its best sparkle.



The second most important factor to consider when buying a diamond is colour. Diamonds are rated along a colour grade set by the GIA, with D being the highest colour grade because it is “absolutely colourless” and thus very expensive; Z is the lowest colour grade, a “light yellow.” However, you can make the most of your budget by buying a diamond that is of “near-colourless” grade (from G to H) because the human eye cannot detect the specks of colour for these grades. 

There are also other natural colours (such as red and pink diamonds) that are known as “fancy”, and they are graded differently from the colourless diamonds.



Clarity refers to the microscopic imperfections that occur naturally in a diamond. The fewer the imperfections a diamond has, the better the clarity. These imperfections can be on the surface of a diamond (blemishes) or inside it (inclusions). Since these flaws tend to be detectable only under a microscope, clarity is one of the areas where you can make concessions to save money for other features of your ring.



The weight of a diamond, or carat, is important to consider when buying a diamond, though not as important as cut or colour. If a diamond has a higher cut grade, this can make diamonds of a smaller carat look larger. You can make the most of your ring budget by buying a diamond that is slightly under your ideal carat. We offer carat sizes for diamonds range from 0.25 (smallest) to 3.00 (largest).

Lab Created Diamonds

Looking for an eco-friendly, less expensive diamond option? We are now selling lab created diamonds. Lab created diamonds come with an independent lab certificate, and their serial number is engraved on the girdle of each stone. The grading process is the same as mined diamonds as they are diamonds. The only difference is one is created in a lab and the other is created in the earth. We have been following this new market very closely and have now sourced great suppliers of certified stones. Book an appointment to learn more about this developing diamond market.

Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite®


More brilliant than diamond at a fraction of the cost, Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® is among the hardest minerals on Earth - more durable than sapphire, ruby, or emerald. Its beauty and brilliance are destined to last forever. Each gem comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and limited lifetime warranty, ensuring its brilliance, fire, and clarity will last forever. Experience the world’s most brilliant gem at Penner Fine Jewellers Inc. 

Moissanite is available in three qualities...Forever One, Forever Brilliant and Forever Classic. We are also an exclusive dealer to be able to offer certified Forever One moissanite.

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We are the diamond specialists. We source only conflict free diamonds. We are experts in sourcing certified diamonds by labs such as GIA and AGS. Lab Grown Diamonds and Moissanite are both conflict free and eco-friendly. Please visit our store today for a personalized consultation about the right diamond choice for you.


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