Beauty & Strength: Sterling Silver Jewellery in the Niagara Region

Elegance and strength combine to form sterling silver. Sterling silver is a precious metal that is soft enough to be shaped, hammered, or polished into unique and distinct designs, but it’s still durable enough for easy, long-lasting wear. For some of the most stunning sterling silver pieces in the Niagara Region, visit Penner Fine Jewellers Inc. in St. Catharines. We carry a broad range of sterling silver jewellery. Earring, rings, necklace, plain or set with cubic zirconias, we have a beautiful selection of items for any occasion.

Sterling Silver Care

Pure silver has an actual silver content of about .999. Like most precious metals, pure silver is too soft to use for jewellery, so it is blended with different metals to add strength. Sterling silver is a blend of silver and copper. 

The specific alloy of your sterling silver jewellery will determine the type of care you give it. If you have a piece that is .950 sterling silver, it will be softer and more likely to tarnish than .925 sterling silver. Tarnish occurs when oxygen or sulfur chemically bonds to the surface of silver to cause a dirty or discoloured, dark appearance. Ensure the long life of your sterling silver jewellery with these tips:

Sterling Silver Care

  • Wear your jewellery often. The natural oils in your skin will clean the metal.

  • Put your jewellery on last as lotions, creams, and hair products can speed up the process of tarnishing.

  • Avoid putting your jewellery in contact with household products, chlorinated water, or sulfur-containing substances.

  • Store your jewellery in plastic bags with anti-tarnish strips.

  • Polish your silver with a non-abrasive cloth, such as microfiber.

Get Sterling Silver in the Niagara Region

Are you looking for more unique pieces to add to your collection? For more tips and knowledgeable service, come and visit our St. Catharines location today.


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